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WIP C-Login plugin allows you to customize the login and register section of WordPress.

Thanks to this plugin, you can replace the WordPress logo, set a background image or background slideshow and much more.

WIP C-Login plugin works with each WordPress theme and plugin and is 100% compatible with GPL license

A free version is available for the download

Option panel

Default Skins

You can set a default plugin skin and replace the saved options.

Background slideshow

You can create a beautiful body background slideshow and make your admin page unique.

Unlimited colors

You can change the colors of each section, like the login button.

Backup section

You can create a backup of plugin settings ( included the slideshow) or restore the default settings

Sample data

You can import the preview settings, from the backup section.


Thanks for purchasing my plugin, i really appreciate it!. If you need support, you can send me a message on support@wpinprogress for activate your account on and send your request.


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